Sincerely, i have a lot of mixed feelings going through the various posts this morning. Its really unfortunate that some of our accessment of the situations are skewed towards parochialism or subjectivism.
Recall when we got elected 2 years ago, we sent over 40 referees to England for training and the result was immediate, referees were engaged internationally and the  league saw an appreciable improvement. Coaches were sent to England, 3 of those coaches include Salisu ( Chief Coach of the Super Eagles, Florence Omagbemi and Ann Chiejine who coincidentally won the AWCON were part of the delegation to England. No media in Nigeria has reported this.
Administrators were equally sent to England giving rise to greater awareness and exposure for grassroots football development and administration.
My believe has always been private sector, we did it in Delta and proudly my records are there.
With all these challenges of court cases ftom day 1, painting the NFF in negative light plus the the excruciating and horrible economic situation, where companies limit their activities to Administration and Operations only, no funds for extra activities.  Drastic drop and the  inconsistency of Govt grants to most agencies, what do you expect the NFF to do at this point.  The Govt inherited an horrible situation but struggling to stabilise the economic situation using different models.

Kindly advise me on what you would have done differently please?
If winning laurels are yardsticks for measuring success, then we can proudly say in 2 years, we have won 5 trophies, including an olympic bronze. No Country in Africa has achieved that in the last 2 years. By His Grace, we are on the right track to qualification for the World Cup without a Presidential Task Force. The last 2 qualifications had Presidential task force, with limitless funds at their disposal.
At the moment we are restrategising to seek for partnership beyond the shores of Nigeria and we might also prune down some of participation in Continental and international tournaments.

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