Michigan Votes Recounts exposes massive malpractice (Unbelievable)

Jill Stein wanted a recount of the vote and raised millions in the process, virtually for nothing.
Michigan was one of the states Stein went after.
She was hoping voter fraud would be rampant, showing Donald Trump did not win the state.
It turns out, the recount helped the now president-elect more than it hurt, as a boatload of votes were counted more than once.
In Wayne County, which includes Detroit and overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton, around one-third of the precincts might have been disqualified from recount as 610 of 1,680 precincts votes couldn’t be reconciled.
Why can they not be reconciled?
In 59 percent of the precincts in Detroit the ballot report did not match the actual number of ballots and thus are disqualified from being recounted, according to the News.
Recount watcher, Ken Crider, reported on Facebook that in one precinct he saw a sealed box that claimed 306 votes. When it was opened it contained only 50 paper ballots.

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