SEE Video: Nikki Bella and John CENA Dance naked to celebrate 500,000 Subscribers on Youtube. Hilarious…

Peoples Digest Online – John Cena and Nikki Bella, who got engaged this month, bounced around in the nude in their latest clip on Nikki’s YouTube channel to celebrate her 500,000th subscriber. Nikki takes off a silky dressing gown for the camera before the pair dance naked for fans – with some conveniently-placed airbrushing in place.

The video, shot in the couple’s lavish home in Tampa, Florida, shows off the pair’s fun side as Nikki says: “We are ready to give all of us to all of you.” Nikki then tells John to “just shut up and take your clothes off” before they both strip down and hold up paper signs with the figure 500,000 on.

Jumping around, John jokes “I think my tube’s on YouTube” before breaking wind on camera, as Nikki storms out of shot.

John then says: “So this didn’t go right”, before Nikki returns, throwing her balled-up paper at him.

John and Nikki hit headlines earlier this month when he proposed to her live on Wrestlemania, getting down on one knee in the ring in front of millions of viewers.

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