just a day after Kim Jong-un said he would be open to talks with Donald Trump dictator test fires ANOTHER ballistic missile

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The test missile, which was launched near the city of Kusong — north of the capital Pyongyang — flew for 430 miles for 30 minutes, according to a South Korean news agency. It landed in the Sea of Japan.

A Seoul military spokesman described the launch as an “unidentified projectile”.

It comes after the chubby dictator said he would be open to talks with Donald Trump if “the conditions were right”.

Trump is yet to make a comment on the reported launch that comes just days after a failed attempt could have ended in disaster.

North Korea has carried out a series of missile tests this year, sparking outrage.
Two missile test last month also failed with both rockets exploding just minutes into flight.
US hackers are thought to be responsible for downing one of the rockets.

Another test missile earlier this month is said to have been accidentally fired towards Russia, with President Putin putting the country on high alert.


The latest test comes as tensions are strained between North Korea and the USA, with Kim Jong-un having threatened “full scale” nuclear war on the western superpower.

The double-chinned despot has even accused the US of trying to have him killed like “rats sneaking around in the dark”.

Britain’s ambassador to North Korea has been summoned by the secretive state over the alleged CIA plot,

North Korean propaganda is said to claim foreign diplomats were briefed about the plot.

The US’s relationship with North Korea is strained because of the dictatorship’s nuclear weapons programme

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