Algerian Military Seize 1.4 Tons Of Drugs Near Moroccan Border

Peoples Digest Online-   The Algerian Defense Ministry said on Monday that Army troops managed to seize some 1.4 tons of drugs in two separate operations conducted both in the western border of the country. The source said army troops deployed in the westernmost area of the country, near the border with Morocco intercepted a drug dealer on Sunday, in the border locality of Beni Ounif, in the province of Bechar, south-west of Algeria. The drug dealer was carrying a load of 1.25 tons of narcotics, added the source.

The other operation was carried out in coordination with security forces and border guards in the north-west of Tlemcen province, near the border with Morocco, as three drug traffickers were arrested carrying 144 kg weed. These operations are part of border protection and the fight against organised crime, the source noted.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry said army troops seized more than half a ton of drugs in the provinces of Tlemcen and Oran, western Algeria. Western border remains the most drug traffickers’ targeted region, as Algeria has been forced to deploy more troops along its closed-border with Morocco, to thwart drug smuggling attempts.

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