‘Donald Trump swimsuit’ that will ‘make my body so great again’ has lit up the internet this week

Peoples Digest Online  – fashion brand is making waves with a swimsuit that features the face of Donald Trump.

Beloved Shirts, a clothing company known for its outrageous prints, has released a one-piece swimsuit that will leave beachgoers as shocked as the president looks on the item of clothing. On sale for $49.95 (down from $59.95), the “Shocked Trump” swimsuit “contours your form and is meant to flatter,” the company said on the website.

“This is wonderful!” one reviewer named Jenna said. “This makes my body so great again! I especially love the quadruple chin just over my lady bits and his beautiful beady eyes are lined up perfectly on my upper lady bits!”

Not everyone was convinced it would make them look good, though. Users on Instagram, on which the label promoted the garb, were  unimpressed.

“OK you just ruined my sleep forever, this picture is going to haunt me,” @linettskalbliprest commented on the post. “All you have to do when wearing this, is ‘dab’ and it will look like his comb-over,” another said, referring to the dance move where you move the inside of your elbow up to your nose and mouth while turning your head as if you are about to sneeze.

The swimsuit, which Mr Trump will be happy to know is made in the USA, cannot be returned or exchanged.

Beloved also began selling a “hairy chest” swimsuit in May that has been trending on social media. That suit looks like a hairy man’s upper body complete with nipples and a navel.

The Trump swimsuit is not the only item of clothing that has lit up social media this week.

The online retailer ‘Get On Fleek’ has started selling a male romper emblazoned with Kim Jong-un’s face.


Donald Trump swimsuits light up the internet

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