Range Rover Velar 2017 review

Peoples Digest Online – The world’s headlong rush into Sport Utility Vehicles gives Land Rover something of a problem. As an SUV specialist, where do you go when everyone else is parked on your lawn? Low cunning suggests that if rivals zig, you should zag, so this, the new Velar is the least SUV-like SUV Land Rover has ever produced.

It’s also the fourth Range Rover, which sounds a bit like a long-lost Frederick Forsyth thriller, but being a Rangey allows a lot of leeway with costings and pricing. There’s expensive stuff in here: motorised door handles; experimental furniture fabrics; and state-of-the-art screen technology. Prices start at £44,830, but expect average transactions to be in the early £60,000 bracket.(N38,000,000)

Range Rover Velar 2017 Side view

It’s also the first Range Rover to be aimed as much as the aesthete as authentic (if relative) off-road superiority. With its short front and long rear overhangs and gently sloping roof, it’s one of the most complete pieces of design since the 1998 TT rolled out of Volkswagen’s Californian design studio. Under Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design is self referential to the point of solipsism, but I’d suggest that in its fine proportions, the Velar carries the stamp of the first-ever SUV, Jeep’s Wagoneer designed by Brooks Stevens in the early Sixties.

Range Rover Velar 2017

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