NCC Executive Vice Chairman Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta Pays A Visit to Computer Village Ikeja

Peoples Digest Online- The EVC (executive vice chairman) of NCC prof.Umar Garba Danbatta who was accompanied by his team which comprised of ;
Engr. Ubale Ahmed Maska, Executive Commissioner (Technical services) Mr. Sunday Akin Dare, Executive Commissioner\Member of the Board.
Mr. Clement Omeiza Baiye, Commissioner|member of the board.
Paid a courtesy visit to computer village Ikeja on the 23-08-2017, they were recieved by the president of Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN),The Vice President and other executive members of (CAPDAN).

The CAPDAN National president gave the welcome address thereafter, he begun by acknowledging various heads of NCC and welcoming all in attendance to computer village. He went ahead to speak about the attributes found computer village, also the activities in computer village goes beyond selling mobile devices. It is a Hub where a lot of technical activities go on, the level of repairs, refurbishment and software related activities that are carried out comprises of necessary skills needed while manufacturing mobile devices from scratch.

It is the belief of CAPDAN that such expertise should be leveraged on to contribute to the Nigerian economy. “For us it is time to grow the innovative and manufacturing potentials of the computer village, by upgrading it to an African ICT Hub or Nigerian Silicon Valley or India’s Bangalore”. He said.
He spoke about working with NCC and their expectations as well. He concluded by requesting that they be included in study groups with the aim of broadening the knowledge of people in computer village.


The next address was given by the Executive vice chairman of NCC, Prof Umar Garba Danbatta who identified and paid homage to all in attendance. He spoke about having gotten his degree from technology institute.

A CAPDAN meeting which took place in Abuja with the president of CAPDAN in attendance was spoken about by him. The issue of cloning was addressed by the CAPDAN Officials during the mentioned meeting. He forged on and talked about computer village Ikeja being the biggest ICT Hub in the country. Also he shed some light on the need to ensure that all sim cards are registered.

NCC EVC Prof Umar Garba Danbatta

“NCC implements policies” he said for all dealers in equipment. “National innovation computer program is a project which is being organised by NCC and would commence shortly”
CAPDAN would be the first beneficiary of this program. “Innovations and applications, send your young to be a beneficiary of this program” he said.
In conclusion he spoke about looking forward to more strategic collaborations between NCC and CAPDAN.

The presentation of an award to the executive vice chairman Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta by the National President of CAPDAN. Room was given to two members of CAPDAN one from Kano and the other from Lagos to express their views.

The MD of 17 world, Mr Obinna Obienu spoke of about partnering with NCC in areas such as in education sector that concerns those in the computer village, in infrastructure, he also spoke about computer village being the University of life and that we need to start producing our own technology devices and not being dependent on international manufactures.

The CAPDAN President handed over to the vice president of the CAPDAN who then thanked all the NCC executives, and every other person who was in attendance.
A photo session with the NCC Executive vice chairman and his team followed suit. The executives then entered into computer village market into shops in order to have a market experience.

The programme was concluded after the Executive Vice Chairman took a tour of the ICT Hub Market and photos were taken in shops inside computer village.

The Computer Village Insider Was There and brings you this exclusive.


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