Khloe Kardashian Regrets Taking Tampon Endorsements at Her Heavier Weight

Peoples Digest Online- Khloé Kardashian may traditionally define a revenge body as being in the best shape of your life after getting dumped, but for her, slimming down also is a form of revenge on brands who didn’t want to work with her in the past.

In an interview with Glamour, the youngest Kardashian sister shares that until season five of KUWTK, she didn’t necessarily care about being in her sisters’ shadow, because she wasn’t taking the show as seriously back then. But once she lost weight – and saw her profile go up – she realized what she had been missing out on.

“The truth is that I was heavier then too, so not a lot of endorsements were coming my way,” she says. “Brands would prefer to align themselves with Kim or Kourtney, which I was totally fine with because I was still along for the ride.”

Looking back, however, the star says it’s “very sad” to think that brands (and stylists) turned to the “pretty, cute, in-shape girls” — like her sisters — instead of her, which meant that she frequently would team up with whatever brands would come her way.

“There were things I did back then that made me think, ‘Why am I doing this?’ I once did a deal with a tampon company, and I was like, ‘Why am I so thirsty?’ But I was young, and you feel pressure; you see your sisters getting deals and you’re like, ‘Should I be doing something? Is a pad commercial all I can get? Well, OK then.’”

Now, however, the star has found her inner confidence, and is helping women achieve their own “revenge” bodies. But getting there took time.

“The older you get, and the more comfortable you become in your skin, the more you begin to think about what makes sense for you. When I started getting in shape and when I first got married [to now-ex Lamar Odom, the basketball player], a different amount of attention came my way. Because I had already seen my sisters go through it, I was able to be pickier about my opportunities.”

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