M.I Abaga Rapper to release 5 projects before he retires

Peoples Digest Online- According to M.I Abaga, he will retire after the release of 5 more projects.

The rapper who has three albums and three mixtapes was hosted on Pulse’s “Loose Talk Podcast,” where he revealed that his career will not be over until he drops five more projects.

The projects include “Rendezvous,” “Yung Denzl,” “The One Album,” “Incredible,” and “Love EP.”

Since his third mixtape, Illegal Music 3, M.I has been perceived as reluctant to drop new music. He has teased a project or two, such as the LOVE EP, but held back on releasing.

Well, all that may be in the past. The rapper says he plans to drop four albums and an EP in the coming months to silence doubters and stake his claim as “the man”.

“And guess what? Rendezvous is gonna drop. M.I gonna be the fucking man. Young Denzel gonna drop. “The One” album gonna drop. Incredible gonna drop. M.I’s gonna be the fucking man. Love EP is still there. Five!“, M.I stressed, emphatically.

According to M.I, four of those albums are already done and ready for release.

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