Bowling alley complex is on lockdown after reports an armed man has taken hostages in Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Peoples Digest Online – Armed cops have been called to MFA Bowl at Bermuda Park in Nuneaton, Warwicks

Witnesses said a man is armed with a sawn-off shotgun. The cinema, bowling alley and children’s play area in the industrial park have been locked down.

One man tweeted: “Odean Cinema in Nuneaton, Warwickshire on lockown man inside has taken hostages.

“Police have closed the area.”

Warwickshire Police confirmed they are dealing with an “ongoing incident”. People have been warned to avoid the area.

There are 30 armed officers at the scene.

There are unconfirmed reports that two people have been taken hostage. One man said he was told to “get the f*** out” of the bowling alley by a man with a shotgun.

Lloyd Weightman came out of the changing facilities to find the bowling alley empty apart from the gunman, the Coventry Telegraph reports. The family went to the nearby Odeon cinema where they are now locked in.

Geoff Barkeley said he was watching Blade Runner at the Odeon when his family when the lights went out and staff moved everyone to a different screen. A helicopter has been seen hovering above the scene. One twitter user wrote: “All roads into bermuda are blocked by police. Just happened as we drove past 5 mins ago. Helicopter above.”

Gary Cockerill tweeted: “Apparently man armed with sawn off taken hostages in bowling alley”.

Paul Edgington‏ tweeted: “I’m stuck in the cinema. Are we safe? How long are we expected to be locked down?”

“Something happened at bowling alley. Not sure what. We’re in cinema.”

There are three ambulances on the scene.

An air ambulance has just landed.

The site would have been particularly busy today, with it being a Sunday lunchtime and the start of half term

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