Downtown Manhattan shooting and truck ramming leaves Two feared dead and at least five injured

Peoples Digest Online – Two people are feared dead and multiple are injured after a reporting shooting and truck ramming in lower Manhattan.

The driver was in a Home Depot truck and is believed to have been driving in the wrong direction down a cycle path on the West Side Highway where he fatally struck two cyclists.  They are then reported to have hopped out the vehicle with a gun in their hand, prompting police nearby to draw their guns and fire.

The perpetrator is alive and was taken to custody but is injured. A driver in a truck mowed down cyclists on the West Side Highway in lower Manhattan before coming to a stop beneath the Tribeca Bridge where they were then gunned down by police as they exited the vehicle. They are alive and in hospital under police supervision but two others have been killed and a total of five are injured

At least one officer has been shot and is expected to make a recovery. The details of other injuries are not known.

Singer Josh Groban also tweeted after hearing ‘gun shots’ while out walking his dog.

‘Oh my god I just heard gun shots and ran with my dog. Downtown. F***,’ he said.

Others ran for their lives as they watched the truck plow into pedestrians after veering off the road.

‘I saw the car crash so I ran up the bridge,’ a witness at the scene told PIX11’s Myles Miller.

‘When I ran up the bridge, I saw this dude with two guns. The guy with the two guns, for some reason, was running around. He was getting chased.

‘And then all of the sudden, four shots went off and we all just started running.” ‘A car just ran over 2 people and then crashed into a school bus, one person on scene tweeted. ‘I see two dead bodies and Citibikes on the floor destroyed.’

The NYPD could not give further detail immediately on Tuesday afternoon.

Shocking video footage from the scene showed cyclists lying on the ground with their bikes smashed in to pieces around them.

By-passers were seen tending to them as they awaited medical attention.  Within minutes of the first reports, there was an enormous police and fire service presence at the site.

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