Jerome Wright whose girlfriends mutilated body was found in his closet tells police it’s is a sex doll ‘made of flesh’

Peoples Digest Online – A Florida man Jerome Wright  came up with a bizarre excuse after officers found a mulitated corpse in his bedroom closet.

Police were called to a Miami home on Friday after a woman reported smelling a foul odor in her son’s bedroom. When officers arrived, 32-year-old Jerome Wright exited the bedroom “naked and sweaty,” telling police he had a stomach ache, Miami Herald reports.

Cops searched Wright’s room and found body fluid on his bed and on a trash can. Inside the closet, police discovered the body of 52-year-old Deanna Clendinen. Authorities said Clendinen was Wright’s girlfriend

According to police, the body had a laceration across the stomach and some of the internal organs had been removed. The organs were later found in a trash can outside the home.

Wright’s mother, Della Wright, told officers that she lived at the home with her son and Clendinen would often stay with him.

Wright attempted to explain the grisly scene telling officers that anything they found in the bedroom was “from the internet.” As far as the body in the closet, Wright said it was a sex doll “made of flesh.”

He also told police he hadn’t seen his girlfriend in five months.

Wright was arrested and charged with abusing a corpse. A murder charge has not been filed, but police said they are still investigating and additional charges could be filed.

“Pending the medical examiner’s report, we’ll know which way the investigation will go,” Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told the Miami Herald.

Wright was on probation when the body was found, police said. He was arrested in March and charged with aggravated battery against Clendinen.

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